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Men's Health and Reproductive Health Research Center (MHRHRC) proudly announce its readiness to collaborate with Students , Doctors and Experts from non-faculty from various academic fields to convey their Research Ideas to national and international Professors from all over the globe and also administrative and executive activities for research projects.
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2nd Congress on Men's Health-Male Infertility

The 10th IRHRC annual Congress


Considering the successful holding of the first male infertility – Men’s health congress by the Reproductive Health Research Center in 2016, IRHRC plans to host the 2nd male infertility – Men’s health Congress on February 21-23, 2018, in conjunction with Men's Health Week in Aboureihan-e-birooni Hall, Located in Shahid Beheshti University.

Therefore, we invite professors and enthusiasts submit their abstracts until 21st of December 2017 to the following address:




The message of the chairman of IRHRC and the 10th congress is as follows:


Why Men’s Health?                Why Male infertility?

Infertility and Reproductive Health Research Center (IRHRC) of Shahid Beheshti University of Medical Sciences has started its activity since 2005.Over the past years, there have been more than 200 research projects approved in various fields of clinical science, basic, men’s health, fertility, cellular and molecular health, which has led to the publication of papers in prestigious medical journals.

Among the other goals of the Center, the exchange of scientific information of colleagues and researchers, and the familiarity of experts and scientists abroad with the scientific progress of the country and research centers was our aim which in this regard, 5 international conferences and 2 national conferences on the major issues of the community in the field of health With the titles of: Improving the quality of life in postmenopausal women, family planning, innovative approaches, safe pregnancy and the impact of environmental conditions on fertility and infertility has so far been held.

Men's health is also an important issue, due to various reasons, such as low opportunity, high occupancy, less attention to individual health and exposure to various harmful occupational factors in men, in addition less demanding of them than women and Feel overwhelming.

Unfortunately, men are more likely to suffer from illnesses, while men have a particular role to play in their families due to their special role in the family, and hence, from a decade ago, men's health, symbolically symbolizing one day or a week, In the Islamic Republic of Iran during the same period of ten years, on the first week of March, the men's health has been determined that in the congresses of the center, the scientific foundations and deepening of it have been addressed.

Male infertility is also an important issue, and the goal is to reform it as a neglected society's attitude. Because the society's idea is that in the infertilecouple, woman is the only person to be examined. The scientific foundations of the role of men in infertility and scientific strategies should be checked and studied precisely.

Therefore, according to three important categories, the development of demographic policies of the country, the reduction of negligence in the subject of male infertility and the policies of the country in promoting the health of men with the help of Allah, and after the successful holding of the first Men’s Health-Male Infertility congress in 2016, The 2nd edition of Men’s Health-Male Infertility congress and also the 10th Congress of IRHRC will be held by the Infertility and Reproductive Health Research Center of Shahid Beheshti University of Medical Sciences and the Population, Family and School Health Department of the Ministry of Health of IRI from 21st to 23rd of February 2018 in Tehran, Iran, To fully apply the opinions of the faculty members of the universities and foreign experts with the participation and discussion with the participants, we explain the policies of the country's population and Men’s health and respond to community questions and Modify male infertility as a neglected society attitude.

With regard to the three major constituent issues of the congress, we hope that with the broad participation of professors and government officials and authorities, we will take an effective step in promoting community health.


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