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Men's Health and Reproductive Health Research Center (MHRHRC) proudly announce its readiness to collaborate with Students , Doctors and Experts from non-faculty from various academic fields to convey their Research Ideas to national and international Professors from all over the globe and also administrative and executive activities for research projects.
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1- Fertility Health

1-1  Maturity & Adolescence  

  • AIDS in Teenagers,
  • Prevalence,
  • Preventive Methods,
  • Information Systems,
  • Sexual Problems,
  • Contraceptive Methods,
  • Information Systems about Preventing Sexually Transmitted Diseases,
  • Child Abuse,
  • Sexual Abuse

1-2 Addiction

  • Addiction & Infertility,
  • Addiction & Untoward Infertility,
  • Addiction & Pregnancy and its Impact on the Fetus
  • Nutrition,
  • Teenage Bad Nutrition,
  • The Relation between Nutrition & Maturity,
  • Obesity & Metabolic Syndrome
  • The Role of Sports in Adolescence Health,
  • The Role of Sports in Controlling Health & Weight 

1-3 Fertility Age 

  • The Health of Mothers,
  • Pre-Pregnancy Consultation,
  • Genetic Consultation,
  • Studying Referrals Systems in Health Care Centers,
  • Reducing Mortality among Pregnant Mothers,
  • The Role of Training in Pregnant Mothers,
  • Studying Psychological Factors in Pregnant Mothers in the Delivery of Healthy Children,
  • The Role of Family Economic Problems in Preventing the Delivery of Low-Weight Children,
  • The Role of Socio-Economic Factors in Cesareans or Natural Delivery,
  • Identifying High Risk pregnancies,
  • Studying the Prevalence of Pre-Mature Delivery,
  • The Role of Infections in Pre-Mature Delivery,
  • Studying the Factors & Quantity of Mortality among Pre-mature Neonates,
  • Replacing DNA with Foot Prints for Orienting the Neonates,
  • AIDS & Pregnancy,
  • Unintended Pregnancies,
  • The Role of Social Factors in Unintended Pregnancies,
  • The Role of Informing Teenagers,
  • The Role of Drugs in Abortions,
  • Maternity Risks in Underlying Mothers’ Diseases,
  • Legal Facilities in Therapeutic Abortions,
  • The Preventive Methods in Pre-Mature Delivery (Therapeutic & Surgical Methods) 

1-4 Establishing Special, Genetic, and Consultation Clinics before Delivery  

1-5 Family Planning 

  • Studying the Impacts, Side Effects, Admission, and Constancy in New Contraceptive Methods,
  • The Cutaneous Hormonal Methods Compared with Oral Tablets,
  • Emergency Methods in Preventing Pregnancies,
  • Hormonal IUDs,
  • Different Neuronal –Implants and their Impacts,
  • The Laparoscopic Methods in Preventing Eventual Contraception,
  • Studying the Tendencies towards Vasectomy Reversal,
  • The Factors in Late TL,
  • The Complications & Methods in Preventing Pregnancy,
  • Constant Vasectomy in Males,
  • Surgery,
  • Hormonal Methods,
  • Psychological Problems following Vasectomy,
  • The Prevalence of Auto-Immune Diseases Following vasectomy,
  • The Suitable Contraceptive Methods in Females Older than 40 Years of Age,

1-6 Cancer & Fertility Health 

2- Infertility

  • Before the Late Side Effects of Breast Cancer,
  • The Role of Hormones & Cancer,
  • The Methods of Preparing Pap Smears,
  • Fertility Rates in Young Females with Different Cancers & following Radiotherapy & Chemotherapy,
  • Screening in Young Females with Reproductive System Cancers,
  • The Role of HPV Vaccination in the Prevention of the Cancer of Cervix
    • Treatment Goals,
    • Improvement in Methods Resulting from ART in Various Treatment Protocols,
    • Reducing the Side Effects of Ovulation Induction,
    • Reducing the Rate of Multiple Pregnancies,
    • Studying the Possibility of Menopause Induction in People with PCOS,
    • The Relationship between Usage of Ovulatory Inductive Drugs & Cancer,
    • The Relationship between Implantation & Ovulatory Inductive Drugs,
    • Basic & Embryological Studies,
    • Endometrial Implant Acceptance,
    • Various Methods of Fetal Culture,
    • IVM,
    • Freezing Ova, Sperms, and Fetuses,
    • The Role of Laser in Embryo Hatching,
    • PGD,
    • The Pre-Delivery Diagnostic Methods,
    • The Future of Neonates Born through ART & by Adoption,
    • The Psychological Impacts,
    • Adoption in families,
    • The Occurrence of Disorders in ICSI,
    • The Physical Growth and Neonate Intelligence Born with ART,

 3- Menopause

  • POF Registry,
  • Exercise in Middle-Aged Women,
  • BMD,
  • Prevention of Osteoporosis,
  • Osteoporosis Treatments,
  • HRT,
  • Tibolones,
  • SERM,
  • Psychological Problems in Menopausal Period,
  • Male Menopause

 4- Psycho- cognitive Problems of Infertility  

  • Psycho-Cognitive Aspects of Infertility,
  • Myths & Misinformation about Infertile Patients,
  • Proper Methods of Informing about Treatment Techniques & Informing Clients, and its Role in Treatment Prognosis


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